Our Story

Our Story is one of hard-earned success. The credit goes to our dedicated, mission motivated staff, and to our Executive Director, who began working in the foster care field 4 years ago to address problems she encountered with the system when she became a foster mother to a sibling group of three that she and her husband later adopted.

 Our team has been working together for the past four years and has made some remarkable progress in supporting placements of foster children in our area. One thing that stands out in the progress of our work and has had an enormous impact, is TBRI.  We have had a track record of success that we believe is unequaled in the Child Placing Agency arena.

 After incorporating TBRI into the training with the foster parents and staff, the therapeutic level of children served increased giving us the opportunity to serve many more children with very challenging behaviors. The majority of discharges from this agency have been for permanency reasons, with an average length of stay of over 300 days. We believe that if you compare these outcomes against industry averages, you will see the powerful impact that TBRI can have in changing the very heart of the foster care system. The recipe for success for Child Placing Agencies is simple - recruit the right families. Train them well – very well. Retain foster parents by supporting them throughout the duration of the placements. This is how we have achieved the very challenging goal of placement stabilization.


“The Sanctuary knows that every child – no matter the situation, can have the opportunity for healing and change.”

Hannah Stavinoha, Co-Founder, Director of Quality Assurance


We believe that with TBRI, we now have the tools to care for these children. They will need wrap around services for our foster families post placement, including counseling that is TBRI intensive. We cannot afford to outsource our therapy services anymore. We have seen how in spite of working with our families post placement, that it is at times extremely difficult to overcome children’s therapists telling our foster families that our children can’t heal, that they will always have emotional problems and explosive meltdowns and that their emotional problems will only get bigger as they age. This is unacceptable. The Sanctuary knows that every child – no matter the situation, can have the opportunity for healing and change.

 We have a vision – and have created a new Child Placing Agency that is TBRI soaked through and through from pre-licensing training to post placement support, including our own staff of licensed counselors so that families have a one stop agency that can meet the therapy needs of the child, foster parents and families. We envision having on staff licensed counselors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and even physical therapists who understand and are trained in TBRI, so that our families can have hope and real solutions to the challenges they face - even those caring for the children with the most challenging behaviors.

 We have created a non-profit organization, a new Child Placing Agency – The Sanctuary Foster Care Services to do just that. We would love to be the model for other Child Placing Agencies across the state. We know how to stabilize placements for even the most challenging children in the system. We cannot achieve the results that we know that is possible without creating a new, non-profit agency that is TBRI focused from the start of pre-licensing training to subsequent support and crisis management.